Officer Randal Simmons

When a police officer anywhere is killed in the line of duty, LAPD officers mourn along with the City and the family and then the Eagle & Badge Foundation does something about it.

Every day when LAPD officers go on duty, they know the dangers they are facing, yet it is still devastating and shocking when we lose one of our own.

Officer Randal Simmons was a good friend, loyal partner and an exemplary officer. He was proud to be a member of LAPD SWAT, despite the risks that came with that assignment, that bravery cost him his life. In addition to the community’s thoughts and prayers for his family who lost a good man, the Eagle and Badge Foundation has been supportive of the Simmons family.

A fallen officer's survivors are part of the police family. After the funeral, after the honor guards, after the outpouring of support, the Eagle & Badge Foundation is determined to make sure that there's never a break in contact with the family. The loss of Officer Randy Simmons will go on for years -- for a lifetime. For those families left behind, there are no tolling bells, no names on a silent sacred wall, no solemn ceremonies with bagpipers and their 'Amazing Grace,' but they too have made a terrible sacrifice. It is important these families receive help in bringing closure to a tragic time in their lives. Society owes this debt to them.